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  • We are offering a free website to all clubs that join Footy Recruits.
    We are really trying to make recruiting easier for clubs, players, and coaches.

  • For clubs who have no online presence, this is an easy way  to get started.
    It is a simple and small website, but it can be grown and developed over time.

  • By joining, you'll have access to all our players and coaches.
    You can also have a neat website that will help influence recruits to join your team.

  • See a sample of the website.


  • We've done a survey of every football club's online presence throughout Australia.
    To see if clubs had a new website, an old website, a Facebook or Twitter page, or nothing at all.

  • While many clubs had new and professional websites, too many didn't.
    They either didn't have anything, or they were out-of-date and useless.

  • Clubs with bad websites are losing out because potential recruits are leaving their site with a negative impression.
    Clubs with no website are also off to a bad start.

  • The clubs with professional-looking sites have an easier job with recruiting.


  • A Great First Impression – Your website is often the first place a player or coach goes to find out more information about your club.
    If they like what they see, they’ll be more inclined to contact you.
    A good website can be the deciding factor  for recruits deciding to sign up, or not.

  • If clubs haven't got a good website, they've got a recruiting problem.

  • Attract New Recruits – We know that attracting new young talent is more important than ever.
    Young players are easily tempted away from teams, and difficult to engage in the first place.
    Without a professional website, new talent may overlook your team and fail to get a sense of your club’s spirit.

  • Players need to be proud of their club's online presence.

  • Engage Your Team – Engaging your current players and staff is a key reason to have a club website.
    Keeping them in sync encourages motivation and success.

    Without an up-to-date website, a team can look and feel behind the times.

  • Attract Sponsors – After new talent and supporters, the next most vital element of any team are the sponsors.
    Reward your sponsors by promoting them with your online community.
    Sponsorships, advertising, and money-raising efforts can be more productive.

    It can help improve the way clubs market themselves.

  • Improve Club Communication and Organization – A great website improves communication for everyone involved.
    Communicating through your website is more consistent than making calls, sending emails or having a messaging group, it’s also far less time-consuming.
    Your news, match summaries, team sheets can all be uploaded efficiently and shared with the whole team instantly.

    It can help you efficiently manage and communicate with your Club, League or Association.

  • Engage Your Supporters – A website means they can feel part of the club and reinforces loyalty.

  • A great website encourages enthusiasm and energy away from the playing field and strengthens commitment.

    Pride and loyalty are easier to grow.


  • You'll need a website address.

  • We'll insert your images and text, or you can do it yourselves.

  • All photos, headings, text, rollovers and subject matter are up to you.

  • You'll need to join as a club.

  • That's it.

    Join up and get a free website.